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Testimonials from customers before 2023

Don – ON  07/19/2021

I have been dealing with Xpresshair for several years and has never let me down. Covid has given their business a difficult time but Xpresshair does everything to help me out. So if there is anyone out there that is looking for Xpresshair type products I highly recommend you give them a call.

Cary J – MA  05/13/2021

I have been a Hair Direct Customer for over 15 years.  I tried XpressHair and  am very satisficed.

Audrey T – CT  06/12/2020

I was very happy with the representative at  XpressHair.  He was very polite and respectful. He also had a lot of knowledge of the different type of hairpieces; the color, hair texture, the density, etc. I purchased a pre-made system and was able to look at the different one that was available. I felt very happy and was satisfied with what I purchased. Customer service is very important. I will be ordering from him again.

John N – MI  06/08/2020

I have been a client for 8 yrs or better. Xpresshair has always done a great job on getting my systems to me no matter on what situation I’ve been in. Very amazing quality in all my systems and products I’ve purchased from him. Keep up the great work ! Do not hesitate to buy from Xpresshair.

JW – Colorado  05/10/2020

As always, exemplary service and quality!! Handled with professionalism, courtesy, and extreme efficiency. I’ve dealt with several and this by far superior.

Joe – Mississippi  02/03/2020

I have been very pleased with the products and service at Xpress Hair.  They can easily tell me what I ordered before and are very kind and understanding.  I will continue to use and recommend them.

Ron – California  06/10/2019

I found this company by mistake. I was truly looking for someone in my area. XpressHair is simply amazing he gets what you need and is flawless in getting the products out in amazingly quick time.. The products are far above anyone else by far. every time I bring the unit to a new stylist they all can not get over how good the unit is. 

Thanks XpressHair


Ron – ON Canada  03/26/2019

I have been a client of XpressHair for a few years now and I couldn’t ask to speak with a nicer guy. The delivery service is so fast and sometimes overnight.

EL 12/12/2018

Nobody beats XpressHair when it comes to customer satisfaction…Liu has this positive vibe that comes out so naturally – that perfectly blends with the quality of his products.


Varsha 08/15/2018

Great products at great price, great customer service always respond on time

Jenna 07/16/2018

I highly recommend Xpress Hair. The systems are durable and long lasting. A Discount Store without the loss in quality.

J.W.  04/03/2018

Outstanding operation!!!! The service, professionalism, and attentiveness is refreshing. Thank you !

Joe  03/24/2018

This is a very good company. The hair is some of the best I ever purchased. Very durable and long lasting.

S.K. – IN  01/30/2018

I have dealt with various hair establishments.  XpressHair has and is my favorite. The hair I order was exactly as specified.  It was also very endurable and high quality. Looking for a Hair base company, look no further.

Jonathan – Canada  01/16/2018

Another testimonial for the great Xpress Hair systems.

I have two systems on the go right now, a TL-1 Full Lace Base and a UG-1, both with light density and lightest brown hair color.  The great thing about Xpress Hair is that, due to their inexpensive prices, you can experiment with the color and cut.  I would always suggest to new clients, if you’re ordering from stock, to go one shade, if not two, lighter than what you consider your normal hair.

When initially receiving your system in the mail, you may be taken aback by its initial appearance.  But, never fear, as it simply becomes a work in progress.  Buy yourself a Styrofoam mannequin head and a package of small color ball nickel-plated steel pins.  Wash your new system with a good shampoo/conditioner(Dove makes excellent products), and then pin it in place on the Styrofoam head.  And then away you go with the styling.

I have previously mentioned the most excellent acquisition of a DIY hair cutting tool known as The Flowbee.  Not only can you cut your own hair with expert barber precision, but you can now use it for your XpressHair System.  You don’t even have to employ the use of scissors, which is a hard act to master.  What you should have on hand, for trimming, is a quality set of Wahl electric clippers, which cost no more than $20.  And, very important, purchase a set of Scalp master Hair Shapers, for use in tapering and thinning out your hair for the most natural look.

 And then watch videos, on Youtube, on how to properly cut in a hair system into your own hair.  They can be from other hair system proprietors, but that doesn’t matter, as long as you study and learn.  You will be saving yourself not only thousands of dollars on your hair system, but also on barber fees for decades to come.  Remember, what you are paying Xpress Hair for your system, would cost you at least 5 times more elsewhere.

And, another thing to remember is, always cut your hair when it is damp.  It makes for better results.  And another tip is this.  If your system does not exactly match your color, you can rectify that by a little Just For Men Hair Color for your own hair.  Or, you can lighten the color of your system, with the application of a combination of lemon juice, raw honey, cinnamon, olive oil, and water.  Mix it, spray it generously on your hair, leave it on for 2 hours, and then wash.  Keep doing it over the next while until you achieve your desired color.

I keep meaning to send in before/after photos of myself, but I have been lapse in doing so.  I will keep my promise very shortly.

Michael – NJ  01/16/2018

Received my order right away very nice base  soft and full hair one of the best ones I have ever gotten. Looking forward to my next order. 

Joe – NY  12/06/2017

XpressHair is great. Takes the time to listen, hands on with ordering and processing and shipping order and pleasant person.

Steven – California  12/04/2017

A lot of Class, I’ve always had great luck dealing with LIU, good guy. Never had a problem that wasn’t taken care of. 

These guys do what they say their going to do and always make sure you understand the process. I have been ordering units from them for a lot of years now and truly believe they will go out of there way to make you Happy.

Jonathan – Canada  04/13/2017

I just had to send you a message to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with my Hair System/Piece.  It is above and beyond what I expected.

I selected the TL-1 Lace Graft with the Light Brown color from your stock. The shade was a very close match and just to rectify even further all I had to do was spray a tiny bit of Toppik Hair Coloring to blend.  I think with my next order I may choose the Dirty Blonde.  Trimming the hairpiece was no problem with a little patience and exact measurements.

Styling was no problem as I have been cutting my own hair for 25 years using a wonderful device called the Flowbee.  It is a device that has fast moving blades on the end and a hose that attaches to a vacuum on the other end. The vacuums sucks the hair into the Flowbee and the blades cut it..  You connect attachments to the blade end to cut precisely the the length you desire.  And even for the sides and back there are tapering attachments. You can’t go wrong and you never get a bad cut like in you do in some salons.  The style I gave myself is the very popular “Quiff”(e.g. George Clooney, Rock Hudson) and it came out perfect.

For a $198 hairpiece, I obtained the same result as I would if I had gone to some places that would have charged $1500! You have one very, very satisfied customer!

William – Illinois  03/23/2017

Received my hairpiece and it was just the right color, and well done. Very satisfied

Kevin – Ireland  03/22/2017

New to Xpresshair found very helpful made sure everything was right before shipping

Alan – Washington  11/08/2016

Just wanted to let you know I just cut in my first hair system from your company and it is great! The density is perfect for my age and the texture of the hair is great as well. I will have to go a little darker on my next order but looking forward to seeing how long this lasts….

Mike – California  11/08/2016

Xpress hair is the best. I have been ordering from you since 2009, and no one else. So far every unit has been very good, and lasts much longer than you proclaim. Maybe it’s because I always thin it out (I’m getting older). I’ve gone from dark brown to gray. So, I am asking you to do it again. And the one thing I AWAYS ASK YOU GUYS for is to find the unit with the LEAST wavy hair. You have always done it, please do it again. And thank you so much for your excellent service. I have never been disappointed

Mario – Australia  08/03/2015

I could not fault it, not only the super fast delivery but also the quality of the products, I am a new customer but you will see me come back time after time.

Many thanks

Greg – California  05/16/2014

The Xpresshair comes out on top!  I’ve been wearing hair replacement units for over 10 years.  My hair is exposed to an outdoor lifestyle including extreme stress from heat, wind and water sports, and so far, Xpresshair is the way to go!  You can depend on consistent quality, great pricing, quick delivery, and follow up on your order with tracking provided.  Also, you’ll find lots of accessories not found anywhere else.  After trying most all other competitors no other company comes close to the quality and service provided.   Lots of reason to buy exclusively here, Thank You everyone at Xpresshair! 

Wayne – California 03/23/2014

In this day and age of our current generation life styles, I would say it seems easier to  have the “upper hand” in looks and hair style. There are many men who shave their heads and  make themselves  look ugly.  I think to myself that they look like “humpty dumpty”. This is a much easier time to get ahead with  your hair unit as there are so many who either don’t have  hair or they have less hair because of a life style commitment.  I asked a beautiful young woman of this generation if she would go with a man of this life style (humpty dumpty) and she said :”NO WAY”.  So at least I know there are women out there who still have “good  tastes”.  This is a good time to have your hair unit styled and take advantage of women who are attracted to men who have hair.  “Works for me”!

Paco – Colorado  12/13/2013

The piece is very good quality and the service was great.  I have chosen this Vendor for all future purchases with my new business.  The price is outstanding.  Will be opening 01/02/2014,   so LOOK OUT Xpress Hair

Joe – New York 10/26/2013

The person is a gentlemen, professional, product is great, prices right (not a ripoff) shipping is fast, all A+. Very satisfied.

Rick – Florida  10/16/2013

I am a regular customer. Great customer service. Great price. Been doing business with them for several years now.  I highly recommend XpressHair.

Dale. – Ohio  9/20/2013

Extremely prompt, courteous and discreet service.

W. – California 6/17/2013

I think people in general like to think of themselves in their best way on how they use to look.  Your replacement  unit fills the job quite well. It makes you look younger and how you use to look.  Also its nice to have more hair than most men between the ages of 30 and 60 years old.  This is one of the better ways to look your best with confidence.   Thank you for such good work and service.

Melvin – California 3/12/2012

I have had hair units for over 20 years and I have found Xpresshair being the best. I have noted the quality and durability to be outstanding. Plus the owner takes time to explain any questions I have in reference to types of units and supplies. Thank you

Wayne – California 3/3/2012

What I like about the unit is how much younger it makes you look, especially when the  color matches from your hair and the unit.  Some people think I look as much as twenty years younger.  I often get that second look from the opposite sex.  In these days of competition it sure helps to even the score in how you look.  I would be lost  with out this unit.  I also get excellent service from this company.

Matteo – New Jersey 1/17/2012

XpressHair has been the best! I have been using this company for several years now and it is amazing! I am a former member of hair club for men where I paid $1,200 for a hair system. The systems that come from Xpress hair are in fact better then the one’s I got from Hair club and at a steal! The customer service is great, the order process is great and all and all just a great company. You will love your hair system 🙂 the quality of the hair is GREAT!

Yale – Vancouver 7/19/2011

Just wanted to say a BIG Thank You. I am very impressed with the hair system. The quality of the hair is much better than I have had in any of my systems over the last 20 years. I would like to order another system exactly like the first one you sent me – no changes whatsoever.

James – New Jersey 2/02/2011

The service here is speedy and reasonably priced. I have purchased 6 pieces and only had a minor problem once. I like the fact that Xpresshair pays attention to detail, density, etc. I am very pleased with there product and service. Xpresshair knows what it takes to keep his clients happy.

Larry – Florida 1/30/2011

After wearing replacements for more than 40 years, i can honestly say i have never had a more satisfactory association…the units are exceptional quality and the customer service is superb… if you are seeking quality in product and service, you owe it to yourself to work with Xpress Hair…

Jeff – Florida 12/27/2010

I plan to keep buying from your shop from now on, it seems to be the best place I have found after 20 years, believe it or not. Have a great New Years!

Gary – PEI 12/21/2010

Thank-you for the great looking hair piece ! It fits PERFECT ! I will be placing another order with you after the holidays.

Gordon – Newfoundland 11/30/2010

Service was excellent and responded quickly to questions. It would help prospective customers if there were color pictures of  the various color shades  and also showing grey percentage variations.

Wayne – California 10/16/2010

Since I purchased a new custom unit, it has made a very positive change in my life.  I get a lot more attention from the opposite sex and my hairdresser likes it a lot more than the regular one.  The unique features of the new custom unit are the blond highlights when the sun or the nightlights reflect the blond hair from the top of the unit when the light hits it.  The French lace front makes the hair look like it is growing out from all angles.

One thing I would like to add  to this is my discovery of “Blue Max”.  It actually improves the unit.  It coats every hair strand so the hair is easier to manage and is less apt to tangle up.  You don’t always have to use the hair dryer to style it either.  It also adds a lot more body and makes the hair look thicker.

Mike – California 06/22/2010

I have ordered my 3rd hair unit from Xpress Hair.  I was very happy with the 1st and 2nd units.  I cut the hair in myself with the help of a robo-cutter, and it looks great.  The units I ordered were the Eurostar, and the 1st one latest 7 months. 

I like this company very much.  There are dozens of companies where you can buy mail order hair, but some are ridiculously priced ( I always wonder why), and it is really hard to find a company that gives the personal service I have gotten with XpressHair. 

This is why I keep coming back to XpressHair.  Great product, great price,  great service. 

Jim – New Jersey 05/05/2010

I have dealt with hair replacements all over the us for 30 yrs. They never get anything right, being a perfectionist and having great knowledge of hair systems, I know what I want (I am paying for it) but never got full satisfaction until I stumbled on to xpress hair. Prompt service, they pay attention to detail..Their prices are reasonable, and as good as any 500 to700 piece I have ever had. last year I spent over 2000$ on bad pieces, That’s over, thanks to Xpresshair..

John – Nevada 09/01/2009

This company (XpressHair) sells their hair system, not only at a great price, but of the most highest quality! Trust me, Every time, I buy hair system from them it last me over a year! And, that’s one at a time. That’s high great their quality, and craftsmanship are. I love this company. It’s the best. Their delivery time is prompt too. And their hair system prices are great.

Tammi – New Jersey 07/10/2009

As a woman I just want to say THANK YOU for a great product at a great price! My husband used to spend thousands every year on systems and was still embarrassed at how fake they looked. I found you about a year ago and he could not be any happier and satisfied with your products. I love the way he looks now and he loves the way he feels! Doing business with your company is quick, easy and very satisfying!!!  Thanks Again

Matteo – New Jersey 04/15/2009

Very nice company to deal with extremely friendly and helpful. Great hair systems and customer service. Would highly recommend this company!

Gerry – Hawaii  03/6/2009

I believe we have conducted 4 transactions till date and I am taking this opportunity to commend you, in writing ,for the professional conduct you have displayed at every outing. You not only possess vast knowledge of your product line and it’s accessories, but also demonstrate “savvy” with respect to product handling and transport. Customer satisfaction appears to be “job 1” and a top priority for you, as well. You “just do it”!! Let me thank you once again, for your consideration and attention in this regard.

Steve – Florida 01/29/2009

I’ve been wearing hair for over 15 years and Xpresshair is the best. You can’t buy a better piece and they’re better than most custom pieces at less than 1/2 price. The delivery was prompt. You won’t be disappointed. Good work…

Rich – New Jersey 01/07/2009

I have to be totally honest with my opinion so let me start off by saying that they made it a completely simple ordering process and the unit that I received was probably one of the best I’ve had the pleasure wearing for the better part of 30 years. I had one small problem with the cost of shipping but I contacted a representative and they explained why and did a small adjustment to the amount. Excellent experience so far and yes I will be a customer for as long as they keep on doing what I’ve experienced so far.

Richard – New York 12/29/2008

XpressHair has always met my needs. They stand behind there guaranty and always ship on time.

 John – Nevada 11/26/2008

Hi! I have been a customer for a long time, and your Pre-Made stocks are excellently made, and surprisingly, they last more than the stated period. And for the impatient types like me, you’re delivery is prompt, depending on which shipping option is chosen. Maybe, if you can come up a forum, that would be great, so people can share great ideas together, or maybe a live chat, for emergency support. Thank you. And keep up the great work!

 Barry – Michigan 11/19/2008

I have been cutting and styling hair for 50 years. For the past 15 years I have been wearing hairpieces. Xpresshair is the easiest and nicest company I have ever dealt with. Even more they sell a superior product. The quality is superb. Go no further. They are the best.

Most recent Testimonials

Virgil Fitch

May 16, 2024
South Carolina, USA

It is a pleasure doing business with Xpresshair. This was my third order and the second one that they would style for me. It was a perfect fit and the cut was perfect. It blends in with my own hair flawlessly.  I would recommend them to anyone that would need their services. Thanks Xpresshair, You guys are awesome.

Virgil Fitch
A satisfied customer!!


March 16, 2024
British Columbia, CANADA

I use custom full skin base. The adhesive will get me through the whole month with one application. I'd only wash it once a week combing through shampoo and conditioner never scrub, thermasilk serum, and then on cool blow dry, slept with a beanie on and silk pillow case. I got my first piece to last 15 month.


March 7, 2024
Georgia, USA

Xpresshair takes great care in making sure their customers are satisfied.  They go the extra steps to make sure you are pleased.  Thanks again, Tom

Randy Josephs

February 20, 2024
New Jersey, USA

The people at Xpresshair have been absolutely fantastic, especially Leo, thanks again and you have a customer for life.

William J. Schubert

January 31, 2024
New York, USA

OMG Leo is my best friend from Xpresshair,  he introduced me to a thin skin model - Ultra Thin during covid.  I was never a fan of skin only because I was only introduced it by another center as a thick skin base unit... but Leo said no no... we have a thin gage skin, it's called disposable, but not... the longevity and transition of the thinner gage skin is so much better than lace... believe me you will love it... I will only use thin ultra thin skin now..

Billy Schubert Colonie new York

Randy Josephs

December 21, 2023
New Jersey, USA

My experience with Xpresshair has been nothing but exemplary, it's been a pleasure to deal with them.

Debra Walling

December 17, 2023
Texas, USA

Can I say I love it and I want ya to know you help women and men bring their confidence back

Satisfied client

October 16, 2023
British Columbia, CANADA

Absolutely wonderful experience for the past 4-5 years. I would highly recommend Xpresshair who is always on top of your order and very pleasant to deal with.


July 29, 2023
Pennsylvania, USA

Best hair system ever had. Tried many different types and stylist. Professional hair is the best for quality hair systems to look natural and a great cut and style. Thank you


July 5, 2023
Rhode Island, USA

It tried lordhair it was terrible,  one day it torn completely. what, one damn day wrecked. Never again never! Xpresshair was perfect . Again! perfect. Thank you thank you!


June 22, 2023
Connecticut, USA

I've been with Xpresshair for years,  always been high quality hair and always a pleasure to work with.


June 20, 2023
New Jersey, USA

I just want say how wonderful it is working with Xpersshair.  Leo has been very helpful and understanding and he’s got a customer for life!

Angels Touch Hair Salon

May 19, 2023
North Carolina, USA

I just wanted to share my appreciation to you for coming to my rescue for two emergency orders. I have dealt with the largest hair distributor for many years now and I can honestly say that Xpresshair have really helped me out when I needed help the most! This is what I consider to be excellent customer service!

I look forward to giving my future business to you as I enter this full time. Thank you for being honest to me and offering your help. Much appreciation

Anita dba
Angels Touch Hair Salon

Laura Labelle

May 15, 2023
Ontario, CANADA

I am so impressed with my new custom hair system designed by Xpresshair -  black hair with white hair strips and dark roots.

Sheila Lovelace

May 10, 2023
Indiana, USA

Leo is awesome he is very prompt in his work has good people skills

John R Leonard

March 27, 2023
South Carolina, USA

XpressHair is very customer friendly. Helped with selecting my unit and recommending additional products,  very knowledgeable.  Based on my first-time experience I would use XpressHair again as well as recommending them to others. Prices are reasonable and at first inspection,  appears to be a quality unit.

Cary Orlandi

November 1, 2022
Massachusetts, USA

I have been very satisfied with your product and all employee support. Xpresshair provided excellent communication with my hair systems and product information. Which has resulted in a better product and great friendly customer service.

I switch to Xpresshair during the pandemic. Which Hair Direct totally lost control and could not provide me with my standing order. Thank you ever since my first communication with Xpresshair all has been great!

C in Boston


August 15, 2022

Took my new hair from Xpresshair to the beach, loved it.

David Manzella

July 8, 2022
Alabama, USA

I haven't received my order yet, but I couldn't be more satisfied with the customer service that I have received. So far I'm totally pleased with Xpresshair.


April 23, 2022
New Jersey, USA

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