Hair Replacement Systems Supplies
Hair Replacement Systems Supplies

Hair Replacement Systems Supplies

We carry variety types of :
Hairpiece double side bonding tape, Liquid adhesive for permanent attachment, either for full head or for perimeter bonding, such as ultra hold and Ghost bond.
Removers, shampoo and conditioners as well as skin preparation and protection products, including C-22 adhesive remover and scalp protector.

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  • Scalp protector from WalkerScalp protector 1.4 oz dab on from walker
    $6.68$9.76 USD
  • GhostBond from PHLGhost Bond 1.3 oz.
    $18.85$59.85 USD
  • Ghost Bond Platinum from PHLGhost Bond Platinum1.3 oz
    $21.85$72.85 USD
  • extreme Max from New Image
    $16.38$89.98 USD

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