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  • True Lace - All French lace hair replacement systems
    In Stock
    True lace is all French lace base for ultimate appearance Reinforcement lines throughout the base with invisible pleat to support...
    $288.00 USD
  • Geo Lace - front view, all welded mono lace hair systemsGeo Lace - Back view, all welded mono lace hair systems
    In Stock
    Full welded mono lace base for a balance of natural appearance and durability
    $248.00 USD

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Women's Color Chart

Standard Color Chart

#1 Jet Black
#1B Off Black
#2 Darkest Brown
#3 Dark Brown
#4 Dark to Medium Brown
#5 Medium Brown
#6 Medium to Light Bronw ash
#7 Medium to Light Brown
#17 Light Brown
#18 Lightest Bronw
#20 Dark Ash Blond
#22 Blond